Brenda Behr

Like many artists, I sometimes feel compelled to prove how well I can copy ďrealityĒ, how real I can make my subject matter look, or I am commissioned by someone else to do this. In a nutshell, hereís what it has taken me my life as an artist to conclude . . . The older I get, the more I know that children know more than I do what drawing and painting are all about. Itís about seeing and showing green the way we saw it the first time. Itís about seeing and depicting our mothers, the way we saw her for the first time. Itís about first impressions and about expressing those first impressions. Further than this, itís about showing our first, most impacting impressions using value, form, and color in a way that is aesthetically appealing. When I can do the aforementioned and do it consistently, I will consider myself a successful artist. Until then, Iím enjoying the journey, and especially enjoying it when someone else finds pleasure in my perspective. I hope that youíll enjoy my views. Brenda Behr, artist

Highlighted Works

  • Fun at Johnnie Mercer
  • Peak Summer at the Market
  • Docked at Dockside
  • Morning Blues
  • North Caro;lina Wildflowers
  • Spring in Winterville
  • Camp Transport
  • The Acorn in Moore Square
  • Carolina Cotton Firld
  • Late Afternoon (Ocracoke Island)